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Young Chevrolet – Chevrolet branded cars are distributed in most of the world’s auto markets. Chevrolet is represented in Oceania by Holden Special Mobil, which returned to the region in 2018 after a 50-year gap with the launch of the Camaro and Silverado HSV pickup trucks, partly and previously owned by GM Holden subsidiary, which will retire in 2021. Holden Special Mobil will retire the Chevrolet brand in 2021. Starting with the Chevrolet Silverado, distribution and sales of Chevrolet cars throughout Oceania will be taken over by General Motors Specialty cars in 2021. For our other articles please click here.

Cars manufactured by Chevrolet will continue to be sold in all Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), including Russia. Following the completion of General Motors’ acquisition of GM Daewoo in 2011, which led to the establishment of GM Korea, the Daewoo automobile brand was eventually phased out entirely in South Korea, where it was replaced by the Chevrolet brand. Chevrolet has been one of the most well-liked brands among consumers for its entire 106-year existence, so there is no doubt about whether or not it has maintained this position. Chevrolet is an automobile manufacturer incorporated in the United States that produces automotive designs that incorporate automotive design concepts that combine elegance, performance and durability. Because of this, multi-story cars such as the Corvette, Bel-Air, and Camaro have evolved to become an integral part of the fabric of United States history. Throughout its history Chevy has created a plethora of brands and models that have an instant classic feel and have attracted the interest of car collectors around the world. Even in its basic form, this car is very capable. For other Young Chevrolet, please click here.

The Layton-Young Chevrolet Motor Company – Young Chevrolet

At Young Chevrolet of Layton, we are committed to attending to all of your automotive requirements in addition to supplying customers in the Layton, Utah area with a vast selection of new Chevrolet Malibu, Impala, Cruze, Silverado 1500, and Camaro vehicles, as well as used automobiles. Through interactions with our sales advisors and Chevrolet rental and financing specialists, we will assist you in locating the model that is most suitable for both your lifestyle and your financial constraints. Taking your brand-new car out of our showrooms and driving it back to your driveway is only the beginning. Our cutting-edge service department and the Chevrolet Malibu, Impala, Cruze, Silverado 1500, and Camaro service professionals will be there to take care of any and all of your vehicle’s normal maintenance requirements for as many miles as you and your Chevrolet are on the road together. In addition, our extensive parts department has all of the materials and tools that a motorist who opts to do their own vehicle repairs would need, making it possible for them to accomplish the work themselves. In a nutshell, we at Young Chevrolet of Layton are excited to attend to all of your requirements in the automobile sector. Visit our showroom in Layton, Utah, located at 645 North Main Street, if you are interested in learning more about the goods and services that our team offers.


Young Chevrolet

A History of the Young Automotive Group – Young Chevrolet

Seldon “Jack” Olsen was a wanderer who used the railways to get about during the early 1920s. His travels took him to Utah and the states that surround it. After he had a chance encounter with Ina Rose Beal and fell in love with her, he decided to make Morgan his permanent home. They tied the knot in 1923. Jack was a mechanic in a repair business at Morgan, where he worked for Jack only 22 years old, but his company appointed him a partner soon after he started his business there. He maintained his job at the workshop until 1925, at which point he bought out his business partner and became the sole proprietor of the enterprise. He changed the name of the business to Olsen Motor Service and then submitted an application for an Oldsmobile franchise, which he was eventually granted. In 1925, he made his first sale of a motor vehicle. Jack was able to keep his firm going despite the fact that he had no staff to work for him during the Great Depression of 1929. He refused to go back to his house until the car was sold, so he hauled it around town by hooking it up to the rear of his own vehicle and driving door to door.

Young Chevrolet


Young Chevrolet 1930’s – Young Chevrolet

As the Great Depression extended throughout the 1930s, there was a severe lack of available financial resources. Trading and bartering developed into practical and essential forms of currency exchange. Jack started a business in which he would trade other products and services for automobiles and related services. He was given everything, including fresh food and meat, as well as hens and other animals. Even in the midst of these challenging circumstances, Jack had a goal of growing his firm beyond the confines of Morgan. He started purchasing property in Layton, including a building close to the junction of Main Street and non-Jews, and he continued to do so.

Young Chevrolet In 1935’s

Morgan’s business caught fire, and Jack sustained serious burns while trying to save the cash register and as many tools as he could grab as he raced inside. Morgan died in the fire. In 1938, there was another terrible event. Jack and his family are engaged in a collision with another vehicle that is occurring head-on. Ina Rose is pronounced dead at the scene, while Jack sustains significant injuries.

Young Chevrolet 1940’s

In the 1940s, Jack opened the doors of the first Layton dealership. For the purpose of replenishing his car supply, he takes the train to the east coast and then drives back from Detroit, sometimes with companions and sometimes by himself. As a result of the majority of the supplies and resources being used for the war effort, commerce was difficult. Jack persisted in expanding his dealership business all during the war and the chaotic 1940s.

Young Chevrolet 1950’s

Jack Olsen relocated the Chevrolet business he owned to a new site in Layton in the year 1950. (also on Main Street). Bertie Olsen, Jack’s youngest daughter, married Samuel Young, as a merchant in 1952. Samuel Young was the youngest of Jack Young’s children. He is employed in an office setting and is responsible for the accounting.

Young Chevrolet 1960’s

During the decade of the 1960s, Young Chevrolet in Layton went through a number of phases of expansion, and the company was heavily influenced by the involvement of the family’s second generation. During the 1960s, Sam Young was in charge of the service department. The showroom, the service department, and the body shop are all expanded through additional extensions that are built to the structure at regular intervals of a few years. When he was only eight years old, Spencer Young Sr. as a technician in the late 1960s. His duties include picking weeds, cleaning cars, and planting flowers. His employer is a car dealer.

Young Chevrolet 1970’s

In the 1970s, third-generation members began to take on a larger role in the operations of the family company. Both Seldon and Roger Young offered a variety of different positions, both inside and outside the company. After returning from his mission, Spencer Sr. start a career in the car sales industry. In the late 1970s, by the time the firm had reached its current size, growth plans were in the works, and new business ventures and prospects were just around the corner. Jack Olsen passed away in 1979, but not before leaving behind a tremendous legacy that will live on for future generations.

Young Chevrolet 1980’s

At the beginning of the 1980s, Spencer Young Sr., along with his brothers Seldon and Roger, became more and more engaged in the day-to-day operations of the Layton shop. In 1985, Spencer Young Sr. was promoted to the position of President of the Young Automotive Group. In 1987, Olsen Chevrolet became known as Young Chevrolet after undergoing a name change. Young Geo, which was located just across the street (which morphed into Young Pontiac [until the 1990s], and eventually Young Buick GMC.

Young Chevrolet 1990’s

Spencer Young Sr. has a long-term goal of broadening the scope of the Young Car Group’s operations beyond automotive dealerships. In 1990, Young Trailers set up shop in the building that had formerly housed the Young Pontiac dealership (now Young Buick GMC). Avis Car Sales and Bonanza Motors were both acquired by Young Automotive Group in the year 1995. In addition, the company acquired the deteriorating Bonneville Raceways and demolished them in order to create room for the brand-new racing venue known as Rocky Mountain Raceways. In 1997, the business purchased the dealership that would one day become Young Kia.

Young Chevrolet 2000’s

Soon after the turn of the century, Young Automotive Group put a significant amount of effort into strengthening both its sales and customer support operations. In 2004, the firm undertook yet another round of expansion by launching two new businesses: Young Wraps and Xtreme Xccessories. During the economic crisis that began in 2009, Utah experienced significant hardship. During the Great Depression, many dealerships went out of business, but the Young Automotive Group was able to maintain its success.


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