Behind the History of Rick Hendricks Chevrolet

Rick Hendricks Chevrolet – The United States of America is the country of origin for the vehicle brand Chevrolet. This automobile manufacturer is a sub-brand of General Motors. On November 8, 1911, the Chevrolet automobile brand was established by Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant, who was also the founder of General Motors. Since 1917, General Motors has owned Chevrolet via their acquisition of the brand. A racing car driver named Louis Chevrolet, who was also the son of Cooper Chevrolet, together with William Durant, who was the founder of General Motors but was fired from the company’s management in 1910, and William Little, an investor, established Chevrolet. Read more Best and Certified Chevrolet Service

Rick Hendrick – Rick Hendricks Chevrolet

Rick Hendrick calls himself a “gearhead” and says that his love of cars has helped him build a successful career in both selling cars and racing them professionally. Hendrick grew up on a farm close to the tiny village of Palmer Springs, Virginia, and his father, who went by the nickname “Papa Joe,” taught him how to work on automobiles and race them. After graduating from high school, he moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, to participate in a joint work study program offered by North Carolina State University and the Westinghouse Electric Company. During his time in Raleigh, Hendrick collaborated with a veteran automobile dealer by the name of Mike Leith to launch a modest used vehicle lot. Because of his achievements, Leith promoted him to the position of general sales manager of his new vehicle import business while he was just 23 years old. To see the Chevrolet Hendrick brochure in its entirety, please click here.

Rick Hendricks Chevrolet

Hendrick Automotive Group’s Original Founder and Namesake – Rick Hendricks Chevrolet


Hendrick liquidated his assets in 1976 in order to purchase a failing franchise in Bennettsville, South Carolina. As a result, Hendrick became the youngest Chevrolet dealer in the United States at the age of 26. Because of his influence, there was a substantial rise in sales, and the site, which had previously been struggling, quickly became the most lucrative in the area. Because of this win, Hendrick was able to complete the purchase of Chevrolet City, which is situated in Charlotte, North Carolina.Hendrick founded his first Honda dealership in Columbia, South Carolina in late 1979. In North Carolina and South Carolina Under Hendrick’s direction, the dealership rose to the position of having the highest sales volume. This was accomplished in spite of the tremendous competition that existed in the area at the time. This facility served as a showcase for Honda, which promoted it as the manufacturer’s finest dealer on the east coast and set the standard for facilities that were to come in the future. Hendrick’s accomplishments served as a stepping stone for the later development of the Hendrick Automotive Group, a corporation that would expand upon the victorious base that Hendrick had formed at this point in time. A culture that is founded on a strong set of fundamental principles, including: collaboration via trust and respect; honesty; dedication to customer excitement; desire to win; and responsibility at all levels. Leadership that is based on helping other people and a commitment to making small steps forward go hand in hand.

Rick Hendricks Chevrolet

The Expansion of the Hendrick Automotive Group – Rick Hendricks Chevrolet


Hendrick Automotive Group1980s

Hendrick added franchises from 1980 to 1983 for Audi, Isuzu, Toyota, Volvo, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Nissan. During this time period, Hendrick expanded Honda’s franchise portfolio by, among other things, opening a dealership for the first time in Charleston, South Carolina in 1980 and entering the state of California with Hendrick’s first West Coast dealership in 1983. Both of these events took place during this period. In 1984, Rick Hendrick started Hendrick Motorsports, which immediately began racing at the top level. Geoff Bodine is competing in NASCAR this season. During that first season, the legendary crew chief, Harry Hyde, was instrumental in guiding the squad to three victories.

Race at the pinnacle of NASCAR competition.

Hendrick Motorsports was established in 1984 and began its racing career with Geoff Bodine vying for victories at the top levels of NASCAR. During that first season, the legendary crew chief, Harry Hyde, was instrumental in guiding the squad to three victories. In 1985, Hendrick became the first individual to own and run three General Motors franchises. That year, he entered the state of Florida for the very first time by establishing Harbor Chevrolet in the city of Tampa. In the latter part of that year, Hendrick took over the multi-signal location in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, which was having financial difficulties. It was reopened as Performance Chevrolet/BMW/Subaru, and it is the first dealership owned by the firm to be situated in the market, including Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Cary in the central part of North Carolina. Additionally, in 1985, Hendrick entered the North Atlanta market by establishing operations at Gwinnett Place Honda in the state of Georgia. In 1986 the corporation acquired four dealer franchises in the following year i.e. 1987 they regained control of ten dealers and in 1988 they acquired up to 15 dealers so that in the second half of the decade it became a tremendous growth for the corporation. as well as the addition of nameplates such as Buick, GMC, Acura, and Lexus. In 1987, Honda Cars of McKinney was the first dealership owned by the Hendrick Automotive Group to open its doors in the state of Texas. This location was one of the new sites added.

Automotive Group 1990s

The 1990s saw a continuation of expansion efforts, one of which was the establishment, in 1992, of Hendrick Honda Woodbridge as the first Hendrick Automotive Group franchise location in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Hendrick Automotive Group started doing business in Kansas City in 1992. That year, they opened three dealerships in the area: two on the Kansas side of town and one in Missouri. This marked the beginning of two years of growth in the region. During the same time period, the firm increased its presence in both the northern and southern regions of California. In the same year, 1993, Hendrick Automotive Group built its first Dodge franchise in the city of Cary in the state of North Carolina.

Establish a customer service system that is on par with the best in the world.

In 1996, the firm opened its first two Hendrick Collision Centers in Kansas City, Missouri, and Cary, North Carolina. These locations helped the company establish a customer service offering of world-class calibre. Hendrick, who had previously been diagnosed with leukemia, established the Hendrick Marrow Program in 1997. This is a charitable organization that collaborates with the Be The Match Foundation. Later on, the Leadership for Life Award, which celebrates people who make remarkable efforts to assist marrow transplant patients, was bestowed on Hendrick and his wife, Linda. This award was presented to Hendrick and Linda by the Be The Match Foundation.

Automotive Group 2000’s

The firm went through a period of transformation in the late 1990s and the early 2000s, which laid the groundwork for what is today the biggest privately owned automotive retail organization in the United States as well as one of the largest automotive retail companies in the United States. Rick Hendrick and his wife, Linda, established the Hendrick Family Foundation, a charitable organization, in May of 2016. It streamlines the charitable work done by the Hendrick family and incorporates its forerunner, the Hendrick Marrow Program, which has amassed more than $15 million in donations since its inception in 1997. Hendrick is actively engaged with the Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte as well as a variety of other charitable initiatives. Hendrick is a survivor of leukemia. With the acquisition of Audi South Austin in December 2016, Hendrick Automotive Group was able to increase its presence in the market located in Austin, Texas. The BMW of South Austin dealership, which opened in May 2018 and is 109,000 square feet, made a big difference in the company’s efforts to grow its market by becoming its biggest building footprint.

The Situation That Hendrick Automotive Group Finds Itself In Currently

Hendrick Automotive Group, which has its headquarters in North Carolina, had a total income of more than $11 billion in 2021. This was accomplished via the sale of more than 205,000 automobiles and the maintenance and repair of 2.3 million automobiles and trucks.

Rick Hendricks Chevrolet

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