New Bern Chevrolet Has Trained Specialist Repair Facilities

It is not difficult to see why Chevy is considered to be one of the most successful brands in the United States. Chevy automobiles, pickup trucks, and SUVs have earned a reputation for being capable while also being enjoyable to drive. This reputation extends from the Silverado 1500 to the Cruze and Equinox. This reputation is borne out by the brand new vehicles that are now available at Chevrolet New Bern. However, the used automobiles and certified pre-owned cars that are sold at the New Bern Chevrolet used car shop are also of high quality. And when it comes to providing excellent customer service, the professionals working at Chevy’s Financial Center and Service Center are up to the brand’s exacting standards. When you have some spare time, check out the Chevy service coupons that they provide, and then contact a dealer in New Bern, North Carolina, to set up an appointment or a test drive.

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Buying a Car Made Simple Only At New Bern Chevrolet

It is the goal of everyone here at New Bern Chevrolet to provide residents of the New Bern, North Carolina region with an automotive establishment that may serve as their “home away from home.” They provide a wide variety of new and pre-owned automobiles, as well as superior auto maintenance and friendly service to all of their clients. Regarding the most recent Chevrolet vehicles, you have the option of visiting their store. At the New Bern Chevrolet dealership, there are a lot of used cars, pickup trucks, and SUV. You won’t find any need to visit another dealer in New Bern if you go to this one since they give such low pricing on every used vehicle that is purchased from their lot. Please visit New Bern Chevrolet for more information.

New Bern Chevrolet

Vehicle Financing Simplified Only At New Bern Chevrolet

The New Bern Chevrolet dealership is here for you whenever you make the decision that you’re ready to take the plunge into a fantastic Chevrolet (or as far as you want it to go). You may choose to make your purchases online using the user-friendly internet tools that they have made available, or you can ask them to handle all of the necessary paperwork for you. When you arrive to pick up the keys, they will be able to get you out the door in only 15 minutes, but they are more than delighted to examine every aspect of your vehicle for as long as you desire. You have complete control over everything. New Bern Chevrolet is also there for you anytime you need service or repairs for your vehicle in the New Bern area. In addition to this, the personnel working in the auto parts department at New Bern Chevrolet will be more than glad to provide you with anything else you may need so that your Chevrolet car can continue to be driven for many miles to come.

Future Vehicle Design at New Bern Chevrolet

Although Chevrolet has been discussing the possibility of producing mid-engined Corvettes for years, if not decades, the notion, dream, or concept won’t become a manufacturing reality until the year 2020. Until then, we will have to wait. It’s possible you’re under the impression that the introduction of this well-known mid-engined vehicle would usher in a completely new naming policy, but it won’t. Because it is just a Corvette of the following generation, it is simply referred to as a C8. The same can be said for each and every model that the firm has shown up to this point. The Stingray is the basic model, while the Z51 is available with a performance package. Etc. But don’t be fooled for a second into thinking that this vehicle, other than sharing the same name as the C7 it succeeds, has anything in common with its predecessor. Compared to C8, comparing C7 to C8 is like comparing Champagne to Mountain Dew; they are two very distinct products, each of which provides an entirely different level of performance.

The Chevrolet Corvette is not a legendary sports car, but it has just undergone the most significant redesign in its production history. This redesign included switching to a right-hand drive configuration and producing the vehicle with a mid-engine layout for the first time. The fact that it is available to us right now in New Zealand is, of course, the single most significant thing we can learn from being here. It doesn’t matter how you feel about the traditional American metal piece shifting to an engine configuration more often associated with European-style sleek supercars, you can’t deny that the Corvette has a decent look about it.

New Bern Chevrolet

Chevrolet Corvette Engine And Performance

Although it generates 490 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque, the engine is still a 6.2-liter V-8, even if it has been moved to its new placement behind the passenger compartment instead of in front of it. This is the case even though the engine is now in its new location. It has a maximum output of 495 horsepower when equipped with the dual-mode performance exhaust that comes standard with the Z51 package. Additionally, a more aggressive braking system, summer tires, and an electronic limited-slip rear differential are included in the Z51 option package. The sole available gearbox is a dual-clutch automatic transmission with eight gears; the first vehicle to use this transmission was the Corvette. It may be operated using the gear selector that is located on the center console and has push-button controls, or it can be operated using the two huge shift paddles that are located on the steering wheel. There is no option for manual transmission available. In our testing, a vehicle that was outfitted with the Z51 performance package and an optional FE4 magnetorheology  damper achieved times of 2.8 seconds for going from 0 to 60 miles per hour and 11.2 seconds for the quarter mile at 122 miles per hour. We measured a stopping distance of 149 feet at a speed of 70 miles per hour and obtained a reading of 1.03 g on the slide pads. But even in its most basic form, the 2017 Corvette handles like a hero and is a lot of fun to drive on both the highway and on a track.

New Bern Chevrolet Has Trained Specialist Repair Facilities

Chevrolet Corvette Cabin With A Very Modern Design

The inside of the future Corvette is upholstered with materials such as leather, actual metal trim, and fake suede; it even has a richly embroidered headliner. The only seats in the Corvette are located behind the driver and passenger seats. Concerning the roof, it can be removed on the coupe, exactly as on the previous generation of the Corvette, and it can be stored in the trunk, which is located directly behind the engine compartment. When the top is folded down, the front trunk has space for baggage or freight, while the rear trunk has enough room for two golf bags. The driver has a square steering wheel and a re-configurable measurement screen that is 12 inches in size; the huge touchscreen infotainment system is angled toward the driver to make it more user-friendly. The interior design takes the principle of focusing attention on the driver to its logical conclusion by partitioning the cockpit with a tall set of controls for the temperature control system of the vehicle. The inside of the Corvette is quite nice all around. If you want to upgrade to the 3LT package, you will get enhanced materials such as stitched leather on most of the interior surfaces, in addition to carbon fiber trim.

New Bern Chevrolet

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