Chevrolet Dealerships in Minnesota Have Vehicle Access With Impressive Features

Roseville Chevrolet is your preferred Chevrolet Dealerships in Minnesota, CA. They will be delighted to provide customers with an incredible assortment of new and pre-owned Chevrolet automobiles, ranging from the daring Chevrolet SUV to the sporty Chevrolet sedan and convertible models. Over the course of more than four decades, the family-owned automotive business that is Chevrolet Roseville has been dedicated to the principle of giving great customer care to each and every one of its treasured clients. They will always be there to assist you, whether it be with Roseville Chevrolet financial advisors who have the experience to assist you in finding affordable car loans or flexible rental options, or with Roseville Chevrolet factory-trained service technicians who are familiar with your all-American Chevrolet vehicle inside and out, as they know it inside and out. The staff at Roseville Chevrolet is here to assist you regardless of where in the surrounding areas you are coming from, whether it Roseville, Sacramento, or Rocklin. Roseville Chevrolet will always be excited to see you and welcome your business.

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Trusted Dealer At Chevrolet Dealerships in Minnesota

Someone you know will get a new automobile each and every day. It may be a coworker, a member of your family, a close friend, or even a neighbor who decides to get a new model of automobile or pickup truck. There will be occasions when you ought to think about following their example. You need a reputable car dealer that provides a wide variety of vehicles so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences, whether that be because you require a larger vehicle, need a powerful truck to take care of your business, or simply want a vehicle that provides you with superior mileage per gallon. The Chevrolet Rosedale Dealer in Minnesota would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our customers. We are conveniently located in Minnesota between the Twin Cities and are ready to help you with all of your car needs. Visit Roseville Chevrolet for more information.

Chevrolet Dealerships in Minnesota

New And Used Cars at Chevrolet Dealerships in Minnesota

Roseville Chevrolet has an impressive selection of new and pre-owned automobiles, in addition to a state-of-the-art service facility that can handle all of your vehicle’s maintenance and repair requirements. Our knowledgeable staff is also able to assist you in locating original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Chevrolet components for your Chevrolet automobile, SUV, or truck. Contact us right away or fill out the contact form on our website to get the ball rolling. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Service and Parts for Chevrolet Specialty Vehicles at Chevrolet Dealerships in Minnesota

The service facility for Chevrolet vehicles in Roseville is a full-service auto repair shop, and the highly-trained mechanics who work there are capable of completing any and all sorts of vehicle repairs. You don’t need to worry about anything while you wait in the waiting area since the staff will take care of your vehicle. Rosedale Chevrolet is the place to go for all of your automobile service needs, including brake repair, oil changes, and inspections. You can get started right away by scheduling your service visit online or over the phone. You have arrived at the correct location if you are searching for high-quality components that you can rely on for your Chevrolet automobile. All of Roseville Chevrolet’s components come straight from the manufacturer, so you can be confident that they will be an excellent match for your automobile. Roseville Chevrolet is eagerly awaiting your arrival and looks forward to serving you.

Chevrolet Dealerships in Minnesota

Chevrolet Dealerships in Minnesota Has a Large Stock of Sport Utility Vehicles Available for Purchase

You may choose from an extensive selection of automobiles, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) at the store in Roseville. You may get the ideal automobile that exceeds all of your expectations in terms of its capabilities. The Chevrolet Roseville offers better performance than its competitors at a price that consumers may realistically afford. They have a vehicle that is extremely well known and is driven very often, and that vehicle is the 2022 Chevrolet Trax. In addition to serving Fridley, Maplewood, Minneapolis, and Chevrolet St. Paul, the Chevrolet Roseville location also serves St. Paul. Visit the Chevrolet Roseville dealership now and go through their selection of new and used vehicles when you have some free time on your hands.

Roseville Chevrolet has a Chevy Trax in Stock

It was too late for Chevrolet to do a thorough makeover of the Trax subcompact SUV since it was constructed on the same basis as the Buick Encore and shared its name with that vehicle. Despite the fact that Chevrolet gave the Trax a significant facelift in 2017, the company’s budget has stayed almost unchanged from the model year of 2013. There are only two versions of the 2022 Chevrolet Trax available: the LS and the LT. However, the introduction of a new engine with greater oomph could help rusty bones come back to life.

Chevrolet Dealerships in Minnesota

Access to Available Interior Features and Cargo Space

The Chevrolet Trax 2022 combines a lot of flair into a small package while still providing a large amount of capacity for freight. With up to 48.4 cubic feet of cargo capacity, you won’t have to worry about not having enough room to pack all of the essentials for your go-to weekend excursion. The Chevrolet Trax has enough space for up to five people, and it has a front legroom of 40.8 inches and a back legroom of 35.7 inches, so it is comfortable for everyone to sit in the vehicle. With the Chevy Infotainment 3 system, you can stay connected to your favorite music and vital notifications. This technology provides smartphone connectivity as well as voice commands for devices that are compatible.

Accessible Technologies and Safety Options Come Standard on The Chevy Trax

The Chevrolet Trax 2022 has a wide variety of safety features and driver assistance options, which work together to keep you attentive and protected no matter where you travel. The Chevrolet Trax comes standard with a number of advanced safety features, such as daytime running lights, ten cutting-edge airbag systems, OnStar® linked service, and the Stabili Trak electronic stability control system with traction control. Available safety equipment for the various model levels of the 2022 Chevrolet Trax Surprisingly, none of the Trax’s trim levels come equipped with any active safety measures as standard. The more costly Trax LT comes with the option of purchasing a Driver Confidence Plan. It includes a monitoring system for blind spots, a monitoring system for rear traffic, and parking sensors in the back.

Chevrolet Dealerships in Minnesota

Technology for the Chevy Trax

Because it is a more affordable option, the Chevrolet Trax places a greater emphasis on the features and amenities it provides than other SUVs in the Chevrolet lineup. Important features that come standard on the basic Trax LS model include an infotainment screen of 7.0 inches, an audio system with six speakers, and connectivity with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In comparison to the Trax LS, the Trax LT comes standard with projector-beam headlights, LED taillights, a 120-volt outlet, and optional remote engine start. By choosing one of the packages that are now available, you can add features to your car like keyless entry and push-button start, an adjustable six-way electric driver’s seat, and heated front seats.

Performance and Fuel Economy

The array of turbo-four engines that produced 138 horsepower has been replaced by a new 1.4-liter turbocharged inline-4 that produces 155 horsepower in the 2022 Trax. The primary difference between the two engines is that the new engine utilizes direct injection. When compared to the out-of-port fuel injection unit, the new plant produces 12 percent more horsepower and roughly 20 percent more torque. Both front-wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) are options for the SUV model year 2022 Chevrolet Trax. Additionally, all Trax models come standard with a six-speed automatic gearbox. The new engine has a city/highway fuel efficiency rating of 24/32 mpg for the Trax FWD and a city/highway rating of 23/30 mpg for the Trax AWD. When fitted with a 1.6-liter turbo-four engine, the Chevrolet’s on-road fuel efficiency is similar to that of the 2022 Kia Soul. However, the Chevrolet’s city mpg is lower than that of the Kia. The Soul has a combined fuel economy of 27/32 mpg but is only offered in front-wheel drive. Despite this, the majority of Souls use a far more fuel-efficient 2.0-liter I-4 engine, which allows the Chevy to achieve a range of 28-29/33-35 mpg in combined city and highway driving.

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